When you are looking for work full time, it can be easy to lose motivation. Waiting to hear back on applications, getting unsuccessful feedback, or worse – not hearing back at all. It can be a lonely time, most of your friends and family are working and spending your days scrolling through job posts is far from engaging.

So how do you stay motivated and keep things moving in the right direction?

1) Create a routine
It can be easy to slip into the habit of sleeping late, watching too much TV and other unproductive tasks. Creating a routine and setting your alarm each day will help keep you on track. Set yourself tasks and goals to achieve each day and week. When you feel like you are working towards something, it will give you to boost you need to achieve it. Don’t forget to set some time aside each day or week, even if it is just 30 minutes for some self-care

2) Reach out to previous colleagues and people in your network
Don’t let your network slip away during this period of time, this is when it can help you most! Keep in touch with your contacts, go meet them for coffee, call them, email them and chat to them as much as you can. They could point you in the direction of your next job but will also help you stay up to date in your industry.

3) Go to networking events
Events are a great way to grow your professional network. If you are nervous about going and talking about yourself, don’t worry too much. The best way to approach these situations is to ask questions, show an interest in what other people do and the conversation will flow naturally from there.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, meet new connections and gain new experience. It is also going to help fill out any gaps in your resume.

5) Develop new skills or improve on your current skills
There are so many short courses available that are budget friendly and sometimes free. Take some courses that interest you, develop new and existing skills that will help you in your career and bring your personal satisfaction.