Your resume is an overview of your career and often is the deciding factor of whether you move forward in a recruitment process. Below you will find some tips to help you make your resume shine.


Each role you apply for will be unique so your resume should be too. Take the time to ensure you are highlighting relevant experience for each role you apply for. Read through the job ad and position description to understand what they are looking for in a candidate and highlight as many of these points through your experience in your resume as possible


In case the hiring team are using keyword tracking, ensure you include keywords in your resume to get past that system and get in front of a person

Focus on achievements

Resumes should not be generic lists of duties you have performed in each of your past jobs. Add some life and relevance to your resume by including achievements. Think about each role and what you accomplished and add these to each of your positions. Hiring managers relate better when they can understand what you have achieved rather than seeing just what your duties were.


Once you have customised your resume, be sure to check that your fonts, sizes and colours are consistent. This helps with the overall appearance and readability of the document


Finally, make sure you proofread. Read each sentence backwards so you focus on each individual word to ensure correct spelling. Then read it normally to make sure it flows well. If possible, have someone else proofread it for you too, fresh eyes can make all the difference.