Your personal and professional network is a great resource for your job search. By building and utilizing a professional network, you can find opportunities that are not yet advertised and even get recommended for positions.
So how do you go about building your network?

Personal network. Make a list of your family and friends and talk to them about your job search and what you are looking for. Ask if they know of any opportunities that might suit you.

Your past and present colleagues. While you might be keeping your job search under wraps at your current company, you can still reach out to past colleagues and ask for recommendations for any roles they know of.

LinkedIn. Make sure your profile is up to date and participate in groups and discussions. Get in touch with recruiters, follow companies you would like to work for and keep an eye out for opportunities.

Networking events. Look out for local networking events that fit your areas of interest. It is a great opportunity to meet and build professional relationships with people and potentially find your next opportunity.

Mentorship. Finding a mentor in your industry wont only help you plan how to grow your career and get valuable advice, chances are your mentor will have a different network to you and be able to refer you to available opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities & community events. These are a great way to meet people that you may not normally meet, learn new skills and experiences all while you are giving back to the community. You can also add these experiences to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Interviews. Whether or not you get the job, you can still reach out and connect with the people you interviewed with, this will build up your network and keep you in the loop of any future opportunities.

As you build your network, get word out that you are looking for a new opportunity, keep in touch with people in your network, not only will it keep you up to date on what is happening in your industry, it could find you your next role or they could introduce you to the person who will.