Knowing what to wear and getting ready for an interview is hard work!Picking the right outfit and getting ready doesn’t need to be complicated at all. The following tips will outline the areas to focus on when getting ready.

1. The outfit

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The pictures above are going to help you decide on the style of clothing and put together your outfit. A few things to keep in mind though:

If you are unsure of what the dress code is, ASK.
It is better to be overdressed, than under-dressed.
Clean and polish your shoes.
Iron or press your clothes.
Your interview outfit isn’t just about the actual clothing though. There are a few other things that you need to keep in mind.

2. Breath


I’m pretty sure everyone will brush their teeth prior to an interview BUT what if you grab a cup of coffee on the way, or ate something with garlic or onion in it? That minty freshness isn’t going to last for long. Mints are always going to be a better choice than gum because you don’t want to be chewing away during your interview. Another great way to combat bad breath is the travel sized toothpaste and mouthwash, pop those in your car with a toothbrush and bottle of water and you can brush before you go in.

3. Perfumes/Colognes


There is nothing wrong with wearing your favourite scent to an interview but keep it to a single spray. You don’t want to overwhelm your interviewer, nor should they be able to smell you from down the hall. Keep in mind that hay fever is pretty common and you don’t want your interviewer to be sneezing the whole time.

4. Hair


Your interview day is not the time to try out a new and daring hairstyle. Keep it simple. Keep it neat and make sure it will hold up across the travel time and interview.

5. Make up


Similar to hair, now is not the time to try out something new and daring. Stick to fresh, clean and workplace appropriate make up.

6. Nails


Whether you are male or female, making sure your nails are neat and tidy show that you put in that extra bit of effort. Whether or not you chose to polish them is up to you but if you do, make sure it is free of chips.

7. Accessories


Accessories make the outfit, right? Make sure when you are accessorising that they compliment your outfit and not be the main focus of attention. If you jingle or clank when you walk, there is a good chance you should take some off. The perfect accessory for an interview? A compendium. Inside you can store copies of your resume, notes on the company and role and questions you would like to ask throughout the interview.

8. Confidence


The last component of your outfit is confidence. Look in the mirror. How is your posture? Shake hands with someone, is your handshake firm? Make eye contact during your interview. Smile. Be confident, you are there for a reason.