Nearly everyone has at least one social media account, a lot of people have multiple accounts but how are these affecting your applications?

LinkedIn is the social network most people think of when they are building a professional network, and recruiters and hiring managers will look for you there. Your profile will give them an idea of your experience, skills, what clients and colleagues think of you and your level of involvement in the industry. This is not where the search stops though. It is now common practice to Google a candidate’s name and look at other social media profiles, like Facebook or Twitter.

What could damage your candidacy?
* Poor spelling and grammar
* Offensive language
* Offensive material eg links and pictures
* Insulting posts/comments about current or past employers (or other people in general)
* Not having a presence (for jobs where you are expected to actively network)

So what can you do?
* First of all, google your name and check the search results and image results. Make sure you know what any potential employers can see
* Check your privacy settings on your social media accounts
* Look through your posts, if you don’t want a hiring manager to see it, edit or delete it
* Be mindful of future posts that could cause bias or damage your candidacy

Above all, keep it front of mind that anyone can view the information you post online. Still be yourself but if you think your profiles and posts could damage your applications, edit and polish them so they fit the image you want a hiring manager to have of you.