Preparing for a video interview is similar to a face to face interview but there are a few extra things you need to do to ensure success.

Just like a standard face to face interview, you will need to research the company and role, take notes and have a copy of your resume on hand, think of questions you want to ask and practice telling stories about your achievements.

Internet connection

When you are booked in for a video interview, make sure that you are somewhere with a stable internet connection. Jumpy video or if it keeps dropping out will make it challenging, worse if the interview is being recorded to be sent to other people in the team. Your best bet is to connect with an ethernet cable instead of wifi. If you are at home, turn off other devices that are using the same connection to ensure you have a stable and smooth connection


Next you will need to decide on what to wear. Dress like you are going to a face to face interview, make sure your outfit choice is appropriate for the role you are interviewing for. Take care to ensure your outfit does not fade into the background of where you will be interviewing.


When you are getting ready for your interview, you will need to make sure the space you are interviewing in is tidy and not too cluttered. You want to be the focus of the interviewers attention so get rid of any distractions around you. Sitting in front of a wall is always a good option so you have a clean, solid colour background.


Natural lighting is the kindest option here. Open your curtains and see how that light works on video. Play around with the lights until you are happy with how you look and eliminate glare or shadows.

Test video

Once you have everything set up, take the time to make a test video. Skype a friend and have a chat with them to make sure the video runs smoothly. Ask them how the video is on their end and make sure you can be heard clearly. If you aren’t able to call someone else, open your webcam application and make a recording that you can watch back to check your lighting and sound.