Primed Interviews

We put the human back in recruiting.


The waiting room

When you are preparing for an interview, you will be thinking about what to wear, what stories you will tell and what you will ask. One thing that can slip you mind is what you will be doing before going into your interview.

Cold calling for job seekers

If you are not a sales person, cold calling might not be something that you are comfortable or familiar with but it is a great way to get on the radar of companies that you would like to work with. It is also a great way to uncover job opportunities that are not advertised yet.

Staying motivated

When you are looking for work full time, it can be easy to lose motivation. Waiting to hear back on applications, getting unsuccessful feedback, or worse – not hearing back at all. It can be a lonely time, most of your friends and family are working and spending your days scrolling through job posts is far from engaging.

So how do you stay motivated and keep things moving in the right direction?

Resume tips

Your resume is an overview of your career and often is the deciding factor of whether you move forward in a recruitment process. Below you will find some tips to help you make your resume shine.