At the end of almost every interview, the interviewer will ask “Do you have any questions for me?”. This is not just a platitude and you should take advantage of the opportunity to learn more.
The questions that you ask are going to depend on the role, what you know and have been told during the recruitment process and what you are interested in finding out more about. Doing your research prior to the interview is going to help you decide on some questions but if you are unsure of where to start, the following list will give you some ideas.
How did this role become available?
Can you tell me more about the company culture?
What are the career progression opportunities?
How would you describe the managers leadership style?
What are the common attributes of top performers in this role/team?
What are the main goals/milestones for this role in the first 6-12 months?
What is the biggest challenge the successful person in this role will face?
These questions will help you to gain a better understanding of the role and the company but that is not where it ends. There are a few things you should always know before ending an interview:
What are the next steps in the recruitment process?
When should I expect to hear back? (Also confirm contact details for following up and sending a thank you note)
Is there anything else that I can provide to assist with my application?
These three questions form a trail close of sorts, there are many different ways to approach this part of an interview, from passive (as above) to a much more aggressive style. You need to choose what feels comfortable to you and use that approach.
You may have noticed that I have not included questions about the salary or pay rate. This is because I feel this warrants a different more in-depth discussion, one that shouldn’t take place at the last few minutes of an interview.
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