Here at Primed Interviews, we love working with Non-Profits!

When our founder discovered Animama, she immediately became interested and decided to join the organisation to help them grow and develop. She is now the volunteers coordinator and a member of Animama.




About Animama

Animama creates animated health videos for Mothers in the developing world. Animations are engaging and can easily deliver important information in a short time frame.

Animama’s animations focus on health literacy. Helping mothers in the developing world with lower social economic standards and lower education to learn how to prevent and treat illnesses and diseases that are prevalent.

This is important because millions of children under the age of 5 suffer or die every year in the developing world from illnesses which can be easily prevented or treated. With the right knowledge we believe that mothers can prevent and treat many of these childhood illnesses.


Meet Dr Animama

The Animama Team

Everyone at Animama is a volunteer. All of the funds we raise go towards creating our health animations and distributing them to the developing world.

We are so lucky to have a core group of passionate and committed volunteers that help Animama stay on track and meeting our goals.

Our volunteers come from all over the world! and we are always looking for supporters to help us reach our goals.

If you are interested in learning more about Animama, please click here: 

Or you can contact Stacey on for more information on volunteering or supporting our fundraising campaigns.