Katherine NT

Relationship Mentors is an Australian company, based in Melbourne. The company has been founded and managed by psychologists who specialise in relationships.

Our goal is to help single clients find and sustain fulfilling relationships. We use a built-in video-conference tool through our website to make the counselling accessible remotely, anytime and anywhere.

We are looking for 10 relationship mentors to join our pilot program in Australia. There is no joining fee for the first 10 mentors.

What’s in it for you?

By partnering with Relationship Mentors you will:

  • Capitalise on your skills and wisdom from the comfort of you place, wherever you are.
  • Gain access to clients all across Australia
  • Choose flexible hours to work
  • Have all the administrative work taken care of


  • A minimum of 10 years experience as a counsellor
  • Licensed counsellor/psychologist/therapist
  • Education or training in relationship counselling is preferred
  • Laptop/Desktop with stable internet connection
  • A deep understanding of the challenges in the area of finding and developing a close relationship

If you are interested, please continue to lodge your application at https://relationshipmentors.com/join-as-mentor/ or contact Stacey Gleeson for more information

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