Primed Interviews

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Interview Dress Codes

 Knowing what to wear and getting ready for an interview is hard work!Picking the right outfit and getting ready doesn’t need to be complicated at all. The following tips will outline the areas to focus on when getting ready.

Before you click apply…


It is so easy to apply for a job these days, you can do it from anywhere and with minimal effort using a saved resume and cover letter in most cases. It isn’t effective but it’s easy.

What if spending 20-30 minutes more on each application will increase your call back rate? It takes more time but increases your chances of getting hired, I think it’s worth the effort.

Stepping Stones – When you are stuck in a rut

Career change isn’t always a perfectly planned out process where you have an undying passion for a industry or role and aim to find that perfect position. Sometimes the starting point is when you realise that you are burned out or unsatisfied in your current role, or become unemployed and know that you want something different.

Ask More Questions

At the end of almost every interview, the interviewer will ask “Do you have any questions for me?”. This is not just a platitude and you should take advantage of the opportunity to learn more.

7 Second Resume

On average, a recruiter will look at your resume for 7 seconds before making a decision, so why should you put so much time and effort into your resume?

Networking for job seekers

Your personal and professional network is a great resource for your job search. By building and utilizing a professional network, you can find opportunities that are not yet advertised and even get recommended for positions.

Does “resume spam” work?

If you’re unemployed there’s a good chance that you need to find work fast. You might not have time to wait for the perfect career move, you just need something to pay the bills but will applying for every job you find help or hinder your job search?

The waiting room

When you are preparing for an interview, you will be thinking about what to wear, what stories you will tell and what you will ask. One thing that can slip you mind is what you will be doing before going into your interview.